GGAM IBT Bussing Agreement

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

Below you will find the GGAM IBT Bussing Application and Agreement. 


We would like to welcome all new students and congratulate them on their acceptance to the IBT Program. Students enrolled in the IBT program at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School do not qualify for Peel School Board funded bussing.  The GGAM IBT Bussing Committee is a non-profit organization managed and administered by parent volunteers who work hard to provide efficient and cost effective transportation. The GGAM IBT Bussing Committee is recognized by the school, but funded entirely by parents.

The information that you provide to us in the registration form will be provided to our bussing service partner to prepare the bussing routes for the next school year. The routes and stops are changed each year to best accommodate the students enrolled in the IBT Bussing Program. You will be notified of your stop location and time by email by the end of August.


GGAM IBT Bussing Committee 



Bus service is available for students who reside within the boundary for the IBT program at Allan A. Martin school. Bus service from areas outside of the IBT boundary is not available.

The bussing program is open to every student enrolled in the IBT Program at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School. Only those students who have paid the required fees and continue to be in good standing are permitted to ride on buses provided by the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee.

Every effort will be made to provide bussing for all students; however, it may not be possible (nor does the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee guarantee) to provide bussing for every student who applies. Efficient routing and adequate bus loading are essential. Buses will not enter construction zones or housing sub divisions or roadways undergoing major repairs. It is entirely the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the student to and from the bus stop.


Students can expect pick up times to range from 6:30 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. (please note: times are subject to change). Our goal is to ensure that all students arrive at school safely and between 8:00-8:10 a.m. for the start of the school day.

Students can expect the maximum walking distance from their home to the bus stop to be up to 1 km.

Bus routes and stops will be set up to best serve the needs of the majority. Students are expected to meet at their designated stops and will not be dropped off or picked up at other points. Safety and efficiency are the prime considerations in setting up bus stops. Please note that the drivers are not permitted to make any changes to stop locations. Students must ride their designated buses. Switching or bus hopping is strictly forbidden.  Violation of these rules may lead to loss of bussing privileges.  See the SCHOOL BUS CONDUCT AND SAFETY RULES section below for the complete list.

We acknowledge that students will participate in various school activities and the base curriculum will require them to transport additional items, such as musical instruments and oversized hockey bags are some examples, on board the bus, however, items that may take up additional seating or cause a safety issue on the bus, will not be permitted. 

In order to give students adequate time to go to their lockers after school, the buses will not leave the schools until 2:40 p.m. (Please note: Times are subject to change based on school and bus schedules.)


The cost of bussing for students for the 2024-2025 school year is estimated at $2,486 ($2,200 plus HST) per student. This cost is based on the total number of students enrolled in the bussing program and is subject to change. You will be advised of the final cost once enrollment numbers have been confirmed and if any cost adjustments are required. As a non-profit corporation, we only use funds for the purposes of running the bussing program and any excess funds collected will be disbursed after the end of the school year.


Payments can be made by cheque or Interac e-Transfer only. Due to processing costs, credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods such as PayPal are not accepted at this time. Choose your preferred option when completing the application form.


If you select payment by Interac e-Transfer, you will be contacted with instructions on how to make your payment by email after your application has been submitted. Interac e-Transfer payments must be made in full by July 6. Installment payments are not accepted and the full amount must be paid in a single payment.


If you select payment by cheque, please mail cheque(s) for the total amount along with the signed agreement (SIGN-OFF SHEET) before June 30. 

Please make cheques payable to 'GGAM IBT Bussing Committee', and write the student name and GGAM ID NUMBER (the GGAM ID number is the number generated online when registering and the number will be different each year) in the memo section on the cheque. Send the deposit cheque and all postdated cheques along with your application to the address below (DO NOT SEND APPLICATIONS OR CHEQUES TO THE SCHOOL):

GGAM IBT Bussing Committee

6-2400 Dundas Street West

Suite 415

Mississauga ON  L5K 2R8

A $50 fee will be impose for each NSF cheque. All NSF cheques must be replaced by certified cheques and must include the $50 NSF service fee.


Applications for bussing are open between April 10 and June 15. Once the bus routes are set up and it is extremely difficult to accommodate late registrants, however we will do our best to accommodate as many students as apply.  Late applications may be accepted at our discretion and acceptance is not guaranteed. A $100 late application fee may apply. Late applications are processed only after all prior applications have been accommodated and if space is still available. Routes will not be altered to accommodate late applicants, and parents will be responsible for getting students to the designated bus stops as late applicants are accommodated on existing stop locations which may be more than 1km walking distance.


Bus passes will be required to board the bus on the first day of school and upon request hereafter. All applicants who have paid in full (postdated cheques processed) will receive a bus pass with their name and route number. This will be emailed to you in August. If you have not received your pass by August 31st please contact the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee via e-mail at 

To replace a lost bus pass, please contact us at to request a replacement. A replacement fee may apply.


All GGAM IBT Bussing Committee communications are made through e-mail; therefore, you must provide us with a reliable e-mail address (primary and alternate email addresses are requested) and please ensure that this is correct throughout the year.

If you opt-in, we also use mobile phone SMS text messages to communicate bus delays. We do not charge to send messages, and we are not responsible for any charges incurred from using this service. Standard messaging and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply. Any message and data charges from your service provider will appear on your wireless bill or be deducted from your prepaid account. You should consult your wireless service provider regarding what’s included in your price plan. 

We will only use your contact information for communication relating to the bussing program. You agree and consent to the communication and use of your contact information as described above.


If a student changes his/her address after the June 30 online form deadline, the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee will make best effort to accommodate this student on an alternate route, subject to availability on an existing route and at an existing bus stop. No refund will be made if the request cannot be accommodated and the request was made after June 30. Please note that the 'walking distance within 1km' guideline does not apply to change of addresses. An $50 administration fee must be paid by cheque for each request.


Full refunds are provided to students who withdraw from the bussing program on or before June 30. A $50 refund fee may apply.

The cost per student for bussing is determined by dividing the cost of the buses by the total number of students being bused. If refunds are given the program may run short of money and we could end up having to collect an additional "levy" from all the students left in the program. This simply is not practical. Parents and students must commit to the bussing program for the full year.

Absolutely no refunds will be provided after June 30.  The GGAM IBT Bussing Committee will review every refund request that is received and the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee's decisions are final.


As a registered non-profit corporation, any surplus  funds collected by the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee will be disbursed to all parents after the end of the school year. Disbursements will be made by cheque or Interac e-Transfer and will be mailed to the mailing address or email address on file. Please contact us at to update your mailing or email address.

You agree that the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee shall have the right to offset any refund amount against any unpaid obligation you may have with the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee.


The GGAM IBT Bussing Committee observes the same bus cancellation policy as the Peel District School Board. Therefore, if the Peel District School Board cancels bussing due to weather or any other conditions, the GGAM IBT buses will also be cancelled. This applies not only to bussing in the morning to school, but also applies if the Peel District School Board decides to send buses early to pick up students in the afternoon.


The GGAM IBT Bussing  Committee cannot guarantee an allergy free environment on busses. It is the responsibility of the student/parent/legal guardian to inform us of any severe allergies or other medical condition that may impact on the transportation of the student. We will forward this information to our bussing provider for their information.


A seating plan may or may not be assigned. The GGAM IBT Bussing Committee cannot guarantee seating requests or arrangements for students. Decisions regarding seating are ultimately made by the Committee and the bus driver to ensure safe and efficient operation of the bus at all times.


The “School Bus Conduct and Safety Rules” which follow have been prepared using the guidelines of the Peel Board of Education, the Dufferin/Peel Separate School Board, and the Peel Regional Police. These rules have been created to ensure the safety of all students and it is the GGAM IBT Bussing Committee’s intention to support the bus drivers in maintaining a safe environment on the bus.


Parents/Guardians must not:

Students must:


Driver Conduct Reports (Pink Slips) are reported to the Principal of the school. Consequences include notification of parents, warning of suspension of bus privileges, suspension of bus privileges up to and including permanent suspension for the balance of the year. The table below is a guideline of the typical discipline process; however, The GGAM IBT Bussing Committee may escalate or otherwise alter the discipline process based factors such as the severity of the incident(s), and all decisions made by GGAM IBT Bussing Committee are final.

Bussing privileges may not be offered in subsequent years to riders who have previously received a suspension. Discipline reports are maintained and carry over from year to year. The GGAM IBT Bussing Committee and the school will keep driver reports on file for each student for all years.

Refunds for bussing will not be issued if the rider is suspended for disciplinary or behavioural reasons.

1st Driver’s Conduct Report          Student, parents, and the school are notified  

2nd Driver’s Conduct Report        1 day suspension from bussing privileges

3rd Driver’s Conduct Report         1 week suspension from bussing privileges

4th Driver’s Conduct Report          Permanent suspension of bussing privileges for the balance of the school year