Bussing Information

Application Deadline Extended to June 15


Bus service is available for students accepted into the IBT Program at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School, and who live within the IBT program school boundary.


The 2020-2021 bussing fees are $1,946.90 plus HST ($2,200) per student. Costs are subject to change based on bussing costs and the number of confirmed students.

Bus Routing

Pick up times to range from 6:30am to 7:40am (subject to change) and the maximum walking distance from home to the bus stop may be up to 1 km. All of our bus routes go direct from bus stop to school with no transfers.

No Transfers on our Routes!

For extra piece of mind, all of our routes go directly from bus stop to the school. No transfers means a simple schedule and less anxiety for our riders and their parents.

Change of Address

For address changes requested after June 30, we will make every effort to accommodate the student on an alternate route. An administration fee of $50 applies to all address changes.


No refunds will be given after June 30. After June 30, if a student withdraws from the program or no longer requires bussing, a refund will be considered if a replacement rider is found. See the Bussing Agreement for more details.


There is no automatic renewal of bussing and every student needs to apply each year they are in the program.

Key Dates

April 15: Applications Open

June 1: Last Day to Apply

June 22: Mailed Payments Due

June 30: Last Day to Request a Full Refund

August 14: Stops and Routes Announced

August 31: Bus Passes and Receipts Emailed

For more details, see our Bussing Agreement